Amtrak Cardinal Train Schedule: Running from Chicago to New York

The Amtrak Cardinal is a train that runs between the cities of Chicago and New York. 

It’s a train that runs on tracks owned by CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific. 

The Cardinal train is one of three intercity services operated by Amtrak in the United States. 

It operates over a total distance of 734 miles (1,189 km) with 16 trains per day in both directions. 

This article covers everything you need to know about the Amtrak Cardinal Train Schedule in its current form as of September 2018. 

Amtrak’s Cardinal train is the railroad’s busiest regional line, servicing six states and roughly 300 million annual passengers. 

While Amtrak trains are known for being slow, cautious, and methodical, the Cardinal offers a refreshing alternative to traveling on other Amtrak lines. 

There are no stops between Chicago and New York – just a non-stop journey with great views of the Appalachian Mountains.

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What is the Amtrak Cardinal Train Schedule?

The Amtrak Cardinal Trains make a daily trip between New York City and Chicago, Illinois. 

The Amtrak Cardinal service is a passenger train operated by Amtrak between New York City and Union Station in Chicago, Illinois.

 The Chicago-New York trip takes approximately 22 hours. 

Amtrak’s daily service between New York City and Chicago is a combination of two routes. 

The trains use the Empire Corridor from New York to Buffalo, the Hoosier State from Chicago to Indianapolis, and the Cardinal Line from Indianapolis to New York. 

The eastbound trains travel along the Hudson River, climb the Appalachian Mountains, cross the Mahoning Valley, traverse the Allegheny Mountains, and end at Union Station in Chicago, Illinois.

The westbound trains travel along the Indiana Central Canal, the Wabash River, and the Ohio River, climb the Appalachian Mountains, and end at Penn Station in New York City.

Where does the Amtrak Cardinal Train Run?

The Amtrak Cardinal train Route runs from New York City to Chicago. 

The Amtrak Cardinal travels from New York City to Chicago the entire way. 

Passengers can find more detailed route info in the Amtrak Route Map.

How to Take the Amtrak Cardinal?

You can take the Amtrak Cardinal by booking your ticket online at 

If you decide to book your ticket at the Amtrak station, you need to do so at least 45 minutes before departure. 

You need to show your ID and credit card at the ticket booth before you board the train. 

Keep in mind that you need to book the train ticket at least 72 hours before departure if you want to find the best deals.

When Does the Amtrak Cardinal Depart?

The Amtrak Cardinal departs New York at 4:15 PM, arriving in Chicago at 10:20 PM, with a travel time of about 22 hours. 

The Amtrak Cardinal departs Chicago at 12:05 PM and arrives in New York at 6:20 PM, with a travel time of about 22 hours. 

Amtrak tickets aren’t refundable, so be sure to check your schedule to find the best time to visit!

What are the Stations along the Amtrak Cardinal Route?

Along the Amtrak Cardinal route, the train stops at the following stations: 

  • New York City Penn Station
  • Newark Penn Station
  • New Brunswick
  • Trenton
  • Philadelphia 30th Street Station
  • Wilmington
  • Baltimore Penn Station
  • Washington Union Station
  • Chicago Union Station
  • Indianapolis
  • Lafayette
  • Louisville, Kentucky

Final Words: Is it worth taking the Amtrak Cardinal?

From the moment Amtrak’s Cardinal train service was discontinued in July of 1981, advocates have been fighting to get it back. 

Nine years later, the trains began running once again on a different route. 

The new Amtrak Cardinal trains depart from Chicago on Tuesdays and Fridays with stops in Indianapolis and New Castle. 

Each stop on the Amtrak Cardinal Train Schedule offers something unique, but each offers its own charms as well. 

If you’re planning a trip to visit friends or family along the tracks, here’s what you need to know about getting there by train.

The Cardinal train is a convenient way to travel between New York and Chicago, and it’s worth exploring. 

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, then you’re probably better off booking a flight. 

The Amtrak Cardinal is a budget-friendly option, but it’s nothing fancy. 

Still, if you prefer the train over the plane, it’s worth checking out the Amtrak Cardinal train schedule. 

Now that you’ve read all about the Amtrak Cardinal train, you can decide if it’s worth taking! 

A train is a budget-friendly option, but it’s nothing fancy.

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