Can I Get a Refund on my UK bus ticket?

Bus tickets in the UK are often referred to as ‘tickets’ rather than ‘passes’. 

This is because they are single-use and cannot be stored electronically, unlike some other cities. 

That said, we have noticed that the word “ticket” has become common parlance among bus drivers and conductors, too. 

If you have purchased a standard ticket or day pass and find that you won’t be using it within the time period specified, you may be eligible for a refund. 

Generally speaking, this is only possible if you have unused portions of your ticket left over. 

On this page we will explain how to get a refund on your bus ticket depending on where and when you purchased it and what type of ticket it is – standard ticket or day pass.

How’s a Standard Ticket refund?

A standard ticket is exactly as it sounds. 

The price you pay for the ticket covers you for one journey and you cannot break it down into different legs of your trip. 

You will not be able to get a refund for the excess amount if you have unused portions of your ticket left over. 

That said, if you have to change your travel plans for any reason and aren’t able to use your ticket, you may be eligible for a refund. 

Some bus companies offer a change fee, which you can use if you need to change your travel dates or add stops along the way. 

Some companies include a change fee in their standard ticket price while others require you to pay a fee – sometimes a fee that’s higher than the original ticket price. 

Always check the terms and conditions of your ticket to be sure.

How’s a Day Pass ticket refund?

A day pass allows you to travel as many times as you want within a 24-hour period. 

A day pass is usually cheaper than buying a standard ticket for multiple trips. 

If you have a day pass and you’re not able to use it for whatever reason, you may be able to get a refund for the amount you paid for it. 

Again, check the terms and conditions of your ticket to be sure. 

Day passes are often cheaper than the equivalent standard ticket so whether or not you can get a refund for the unused portion of your pass will depend on the bus company and their refund policy.

How to get a refund for my bus ticket in the UK?

If you have a standard ticket, you will need to speak with the company that issued the ticket. 

Each company has its own policies and some companies will refund your money while others will not. 

If you have a day pass, you’ll need to go back to the bus ticket booth where you purchased the pass to request a refund. 

Be mindful that you’ll likely need to do this before the end of the day (pun intended). 

If it’s outside of the day pass refund window, you’ll most likely be denied a refund. 

If the company denies your request for a refund, you can contact the National Consumer Council or Transport Focus to file a complaint.

When and where to buy your bus ticket

You should buy your ticket preferably before you travel. 

This way if something goes wrong you have time to sort it out before your travel date. 

You can buy your ticket at a bus ticket booth, online via an app or website, or at a self-service machine. 

Using a website: You can buy your ticket directly from the company’s website. Note that some companies provide a link to their website in the app while others do not. 

If you don’t see the option to purchase your ticket, you may need to exit the app and visit the website in your browser. 

Using an app: Some bus companies have their own apps. 

If the company you’d like to travel with has an app, you can purchase your ticket from their app. 

Using a self-service machine: You can also buy your ticket from a self-service machine. 

These machines can be found in major transportation hubs, like train and bus stations, or at some supermarkets.

What is an Electronic Travel Card (ETC) and how do I use it?

Most bus companies in the UK offer an ETC, otherwise known as an electronic travel card, which you can use to make payments for your bus ticket. 

A general ETC will allow you to store up to £200 and is available in different forms, such as a standard card or a usb device. 

Most companies will let you add money to your ETC by taking cash out at an ATM or by logging into your account online and transferring funds to your card. 

Some companies, however, will not let you add cash to your ETC. 

Typically, these cards are used as a type of reloadable debit card. 

If you can’t add money to your ETC, you can always purchase a standard ticket from the company and use your card as the form of payment.

We hope this article has helped you learn when and where to buy your bus ticket and how to get a refund on your bus ticket in the UK. 

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