The Easiest Way To Understand Weekly And Monthly Train Tickets

There are multiple ways to travel when it comes to training travel in the UK. 

Some people book a ticket in advance, while others prefer to purchase it on the same day and risk facing a sold-out train. 

There are so many different ways of booking your train ticket that you’ll probably come across several terms and phrases that you don’t understand. 

But what exactly is a weekly and monthly train ticket? 

And how can you get one? 

Keep reading to know more about weekly train tickets on UK trains.

What is a Weekly Train Ticket?

Weekly train tickets are, as the name suggests, train tickets that are valid for seven days. 

You can book a weekly train ticket for a one-way or return journey, and you have to travel in the same week that the ticket was booked. 

A weekly train ticket is perfect for people who don’t want to spend hours on end booking in advance. 

It allows you to be spontaneous with your travel plans because you don’t have to book in advance. 

You also don’t have to pay for a return train ticket if you don’t want to travel back on the same day as your outbound journey.

How to buy a Weekly Train Ticket?

The first step towards buying a weekly train ticket is to find out which trains travel to your desired destination. 

Once you’ve done that you can use one of the following websites to find out how much a weekly train ticket costs. 

You can also visit National Rail’s website to find out the price of a weekly train ticket. 

Just make sure you select the correct route and travel date. You can also get assistance from staff at a high-street travel agent.

Weekly train tickets: Where and when can you use them?

As mentioned above, a weekly train ticket is valid for seven days. 

You can use it to travel in the same week that you bought it. Weekly train tickets are most commonly used by people who live near the border of England with Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

People who live close to the border often work in nearby towns that are located in another country. 

A weekly train ticket makes it easy for workers to travel to and from work without having to worry about booking in advance. 

It’s also a great option for people who want to take a trip in the same week. 

You don’t have to book in advance, but you also don’t have to pay for a return train ticket if you don’t want to travel back on the same day as your outbound journey.

Which UK Trains Offer Weekly Tickets?

You can book a weekly ticket on most trains that travel between England, Scotland, and Wales. 

Unfortunately, Northern Ireland trains don’t offer weekly tickets. 

You can also book a weekly ticket between England and the Republic of Ireland, but only if you’re travelling during the summer (May – September). 

Weekly tickets are also available on some international routes, but they’re more expensive than your standard one-way ticket.

Tips for Using Weekly Train Tickets

If you plan on travelling during the summer, keep in mind that the last day to travel with a weekly ticket is on the Thursday before the August bank holiday. 

If you don’t book your weekly journey on Thursday before, you won’t be able to travel until the week after the holiday.

If you’re travelling abroad on a weekly ticket, make sure you plan your trip accordingly. 

For example, if you’re travelling from London to Glasgow, you’ll have to change trains in the border town of Carlisle. 

To make your train connection, you’ll have to arrive at the station at least 90 minutes before your train leaves.

Can I buy a weekly train ticket at the station or from the machine?

You can buy a weekly ticket at the station or from the ticket machines.

Weekly and monthly train tickets are available for many routes and can be purchased at the station. 

However, if you’re buying a weekly or monthly ticket on a route that has a ticket office, it’s worth checking what the terms of your ticket are before you make your purchase.

A weekly ticket is valid for 7 consecutive days. 

You will be asked to specify a start date and time, which must be within that week. 

The weekly ticket becomes valid from that time and allows you to travel on any train service for the remainder of the week, even if your planned journey falls outside of this period. 

If you travel outside of your intended period, you will be charged an additional fare for each journey.

How to buy a week train ticket?

You can buy a United Kingdom weekly train ticket online or from the ticket office. 

You can buy a United Kingdom weekly train ticket from any National Rail station or from most National Rail ticket machines. 

If you’re not sure where to find a ticket machine, ask a member of staff.

If you’re planning to travel on more than one train, it’s worth checking that there aren’t cheaper tickets available on other routes.

How much does a weekly train ticket cost?

The cost of a weekly train ticket depends on the length of the journey and whether you’re travelling on a single or return journey.

If you’re travelling on a single journey, then the price will be £22.10 for an off-peak ticket, which is available Monday to Friday before 09:30 and after 16:00. 

If you want to travel during peak times, then it’ll cost £27.00 per person.

The cost of a weeklong rail pass can be as low as £65 on the Virgin Trains East Coast route between London and Edinburgh. The average price is around £100 for seven days of travel.

If you’re travelling from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly (one of the most popular routes), then a weekly ticket costs £170 if booked online before midnight Sunday–Thursday or £174 if booked at the station, according to National Rail’s website. 

How much is a weekly train ticket to London?

The starting price for a rail weekly train ticket to London is £77.00 (if you book in advance). 

The cost of the same ticket bought on the day is £99.00.

The starting price for a rail monthly train ticket to London is £458.00 (if you book in advance). 

The cost of the same ticket bought on the day is £550.00

How much is a weekly train ticket on Virgin Trains?

Weekly tickets cost more than single fares but are cheaper than buying a return ticket for every journey.

A weekly ticket costs £55.00 for adults. 

That’s £22 cheaper than buying two singles (one outbound, one return).

Weekly tickets are valid for seven days from your chosen start date and can be used on any day of the week (subject to availability). 

They’re available from most train operators, including Virgin Trains West Coast.

How much is a weekly train ticket ScotRail?

There are two types of ScotRail weekly tickets: standard and saver. A standard ticket costs £40, while a saver ticket costs £32.50. 

The saver ticket is usually cheaper than the standard ticket because it can only be used on days when there are no special offers on regular fares.

ScotRail monthly tickets cost £100 per month and can be used any day of the week until midnight on the last day of the month they were purchased (31st). 

They also allow you to hop on/hop off anywhere on their network as many times as you like during that period.

Do I need a photocard for a weekly train ticket?

The photocard is a secure way of ensuring that you are the only person using the ticket.

If you don’t have a photocard with your name on it, you won’t be able to use the weekly ticket.

In most cases, the answer is no.

But there are a few exceptions: If you’re buying a ticket at a station, some ticket offices may require you to show your photo ID. 

And if you’re booking online and entering your card details, then you’ll need to provide them with your postcode as well as your name and address.

If you’re buying a ticket by phone or through the post, then they’ll need this information anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a photocard.

What happens if I lost my monthly train ticket?

If you lose your monthly pass on UK rail, you can get a new one up to 14 days after the date of purchase.

If you’re within the first 14 days of buying your ticket, all you need to do is go into a station and show your ID, like a driving licence or passport, as well as the receipt for the lost ticket. 

You’ll then be able to buy another one at the current price.

If you’re more than 14 days after buying your ticket, but less than 28 days after buying it (i.e. before its expiry date), then you need to fill in a form and send in proof of purchase before getting a new one issued. 

After 28 days have passed, there’s no way to replace it.

How much is a monthly train ticket pass?

The cost of a monthly season ticket depends on the distance travelled.

Monthly UK train tickets are the cheapest way to get around, but they’re not as simple as you might think.

If all you want is a train ticket for a month, then it’s pretty straightforward. 

Every month, you can get unlimited travel on the National Rail network by buying a monthly season ticket. 

The main advantage of monthly season tickets is that they’re cheaper than buying individual train tickets.

The cost of monthly season tickets varies depending on where you live. 

There are two kinds of monthly season tickets: zone 1-6 and zone 7-9. Zone 1-6 covers London and its surrounding areas, while zone 7-9 covers anywhere else in England, Scotland or Wales (though not Northern Ireland).

The cost of a monthly pass depends on which area you’re travelling in. The table below shows the price of a single journey on selected routes:

Pass type Cost per month: All-Line Railcard £122* (1st class) or £144* (Standard class)

Standard Anytime Day or Off-Peak Day: £109* (1st class) or £139* (Standard class)

Day Travelcard Zones 1–6: £106* (1st class) or £132* (Standard class)

The most expensive pass is for the Virgin Trains West Coast route between London and Scotland. It costs £745 per month.

If you only travel in England, then you can get a weekly ticket from £70 to £100, depending on your destination.

The cheapest tickets are for journeys within London or on routes between Birmingham and Liverpool/Manchester.

The cheapest monthly passes are available from ScotRail and Northern Rail.

They cost between £200 and £250 per month.

How much is a student’s monthly train ticket?

The cost of a monthly student rail card varies depending on the zones you are travelling in. 

The most popular zones are London and South East, which includes London and surrounding areas as well as Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. 

You can also purchase a railcard for North West England or North East England. 

You can find out more about the zones here:

You can buy a student monthly pass on the National Rail website, but it’s important to know that not all rail companies offer this option. 

Many students rely on their parents’ or guardians’ passes for travel, but if you don’t live with your parents or have older siblings who have already taken advantage of their own student ticket, it might be worth looking into purchasing one for yourself.

And who can get them? 

Student monthly passes are available to anyone who is enrolled in an approved college or university course, which means they aren’t just limited to students at secondary schools or colleges. 

If you’re taking a higher education course such as a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, then you should be eligible for a student monthly pass.

How to buy monthly train tickets?

Monthly train tickets allow you unlimited travel throughout the entire month. 

They’re valid for either one or two months depending on where you live in the country. 

You can buy them online or at any station ticket office. If you’re travelling within London and its surrounding area, there are two types of monthly tickets: zone 1-2 (for use within Zone 1 and 2) and zone 1-6 (for use within Zones 1-6). 

The zones refer to geographical areas that cover most of England and Wales but not Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

There are also other types of season tickets available such as weekly tickets which allow unlimited travel for seven days from the first day of travel; 

Some offer savings if you travel on off-peak services between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Can I buy monthly train tickets online?

You can buy monthly train tickets online on UK rail by either registering your bank details or using a debit or credit card. 

The best thing about this is that you’ll get 10% off the price of your ticket simply by paying online!

Is a weekly train ticket worth it?

As mentioned in the beginning, a weekly train ticket is worth it if it fits your travel needs. 

If you’re someone who travels to work across the border every week, a weekly ticket might be the best option for you.

 It can save you a lot of time and money. 

Plus, it makes it easy to be spontaneous with your travel plans if you don’t have to book in advance. 

That being said, if you don’t travel to work across the border and you don’t plan to visit a country outside of England during the summer, it’s probably not worth it. 

You’d be paying more for a weekly ticket as opposed to a standard one-way train ticket.

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