The Ultimate Guide about Train Tickets in the United Kingdom Rail Service.

Here you will find a complete guide about: How to find Cheap Train Tickets, What’s Weekly and Monthly Train Tickets Types, How Cancelation and Refund Policies works, Which are the best Train Companies, and what are the main Train Stations in the UK.

If you want to travel across the UK and explore different cities, it is important to know about train tickets. 

Travelling by rail in the United Kingdom is one of the most popular ways to get around. It’s also one of the most expensive options. 

But there are ways to save money on your train travel in the UK, even if you’re not a member of a railcard-carrying household. 

In this article, we’ll break down the different types of train tickets and what they cost, where they can be purchased, and how they are different from one another. 

We’ll also give you some tips on how to find the best train tickets for your journey. 

Here are some tips on how to get the best deal on train tickets.

How to find cheap train tickets in the UK?

You can book cheap train tickets online and get a substantial discount on your travel.

Cheap train tickets can be booked in advance, so it is best to plan ahead of time if you want to get the cheapest possible price for your journey. 

You will also find many different types of cheap train tickets available depending on the route, time, and day that you would like to travel on.

Check the rail company website for special offers.

Buying directly from rail companies rather than through third-party agents or websites that sell train tickets. 

This will ensure that you pay the correct price and avoid any additional charges added by these companies later down the line!

Book early for cheap tickets

When it comes to saving money on train tickets, planning and booking as far in advance as possible are key. 

Using special offers like Early Bird booking deals which are usually available online.

Use the railcard discount, if you are eligible.

The railcards offer great savings on train tickets. There are different types of railcards available, for example, the 16-25 Railcard, and the Family & Friends Railcard. 

Get more details about the Railcard options here.

Check special offers, discount cards, coupons, or vouchers.

Some companies offer special discounts for young people, students, and seniors who buy train tickets. Find more about discount rail fares.

Buy an off-peak ticket to save money.

Trains are much cheaper during off-peak times, which can be up to 60% less than peak prices. 

The definition of ‘off-peak’ varies depending on your route and the day of travel but generally is before 9 am or after 6 pm.

For example, if you’re travelling on a Saturday afternoon between two major cities in Britain (London and Manchester, for example), then there will be no difference between peak or off-peak tickets. 

You might also want to avoid school holidays where possible unless this suits your plans better!

Check NTrip the best online tool to compare price options before booking tickets

What are weekly and monthly train tickets?

Railway tickets are available in a variety of different types, such as single or return tickets. 

If you are planning on travelling frequently by rail, then weekly or monthly train tickets can be a good option for you. 

They usually offer cheaper rates than buying individual tickets each time you travel.

You can purchase weekly and monthly train tickets online or at the ticket office of any railway station in the United Kingdom. 

These tickets are valid for one week or one month respectively and can be used on any day within that period.

A weekly ticket gives you unlimited travel on all National Rail services in the area where you purchased your ticket, for 7 days. 

You can use it on any day of the week and at any time of the day.

A monthly ticket is more expensive than a weekly one but it gives you unlimited travel on all National Rail services within an area for a month.

These are available for all types of trains in the UK including standard class and first class, as well as high-speed trains like Virgin Trains and Eurostar services.

What is the best way to buy train tickets in the UK?

You can buy train tickets in the UK from any train station or any travel agent. 

Some train stations have self-service machines where you can buy tickets on your own. 

You can also buy tickets from rail companies directly.  

Some rail companies offer discounts for buying direct or have special offers that are only available through their website. 

What is an open return train ticket?

An open return train ticket is a ticket that allows you to travel back and forth on the same route up to a specific time, usually a year after the date of purchase.

This is available for most rail routes in the United Kingdom, except for some routes where it is not possible to buy an open return ticket. 

The ticket must be booked before you travel, and can only be used by one person at a time.

This ticket allows you to travel back and forth on the same route up to a specific time, usually a year after the date of purchase. 

They are often cheaper than two single tickets for the same journey, so it can be worth buying one if you are going on holiday for more than one week or intend to use public transport regularly while in London or other large cities.

Open return train tickets are available on most long-distance journeys, but not all trains offer them. 

For example, it is possible to book an open return ticket from London to Glasgow or Edinburgh, but not from London to Manchester or Cardiff.

Some train companies do not offer open returns as standard.

Check first before booking your train tickets online with them! 

If you want an open return but find that it isn’t available for your journey then try searching for discounted two-way fares instead

 These may be cheaper than buying two singles but still allow you flexibility over when you book

How much does an Open Return train ticket cost?

The cost of an open return train ticket depends on several factors including:

  • Where you’re travelling from (e.g., London) or you’re travelling to (e.g., Manchester)
  • The type of train service you want (e.g., high-speed)

Can you buy tickets on the train?

Yes, you can buy tickets on most trains in the United Kingdom rail service. 

However, it is highly recommended that you buy your ticket before boarding the train.

You can purchase tickets at a ticket office at any railway station. 

You can also buy them online or over the phone. If you have not booked in advance, there are still tickets available on the train. 

However, these are usually sold at a higher price than those sold in advance.

If you are travelling with children under five years old and need to use a seat reservation, you must buy your ticket at least 24 hours before departure time.

In some companies, you can buy a ticket on the train. 

It is important to confirm if your rail company offers this option.

What are the off-peak train times?

The off-peak train times in the United Kingdom rail service are Monday to Friday, roughly between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

If you plan on travelling during peak hours, you should consider booking tickets in advance. You can buy tickets online or at any National Rail station in the country.

You can also choose to travel outside of peak hours if you want to save money on your ticket.

In some cases, it can also include public holidays and bank holidays. 

There are also different levels of off-peak pricing depending on when you travel within your chosen period. 

For example, if you buy an off-peak ticket for afternoon travel on a Monday to Friday, you will get a cheaper price than if you bought one for midweek evening travel on Tuesday evening.

In addition, there will also be some lines that operate an hourly service throughout the day and these will often be split into two separate tickets – one for morning peak hours (06:00 – 09:29) and one for evening peak hours (16:00 – 19:59).

UK Rail Train tickets Refunds and train ticket Changes

When you buy an off-peak train ticket in the UK as a visitor, you get locked into that ticket.

You cannot change or refund it if your plans change.

Even if you cannot use it and find another way to travel, you will not get any refund on the unused train ticket. But this is not the case for most other European countries.

Visitors from across the continent can buy cheap train tickets and get all of their money back if they don’t use them.

To avoid this problem, travelers should check what their plans are before buying a train ticket and ensure that they won’t need to change or cancel it later on.

Even if things don’t go as planned, there are ways to get some of your money back on unused tickets.

Here is how visitors can Get Refunds on unused Train Tickets and Change Unused Train Tickets in the UK

Which are the Best Train Companies in the UK?

The best train companies for travel in the UK are:

Virgin Trains  

Is one of the largest train operators in the UK with services on both sides of the country. 

On one side are Virgin Trains East Coast and CrossCountry lines while on the other side we have Virgin Trains West Coast and Virgin Trains Wales.

Virgin Official Website

East Coast

Is a train service that operates between London and Edinburgh. 

This is the longest route on the National Rail system in Great Britain. 

There are also regional services that travel to places like Leeds, Newcastle, and York.

East Coast Official Website

First Great Western

Is one of the largest operators in the UK, providing train tickets to and from London Paddington station. 

They run trains to destinations including Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, and Plymouth. 

First Great Western is a subsidiary of FirstGroup plc, an international transport company that owns bus and rail services in the UK and North America.

First Great Western Official Website

Transpennine Express

Is a train operating company that operates long-distance intercity and regional train services in England and Scotland. 

It is a subsidiary of FirstGroup. 

The company operates services between Manchester and Scotland, as well as providing cross-Pennine links between Northern England and the North West region of England, using the West Coast Main Line.

Transpennine Express’ primary function is to provide long-distance rail services between Manchester and Piccadilly station.

And destinations in Scotland such as Glasgow Central, Edinburgh Waverley, and Aberdeen. 

All services are operated by diesel trains due to the non-electrified nature of the WCML north of Preston in Lancashire.

Transpennine Express Official Website

Northern Rail

Is a train operating company in the United Kingdom that operates regional services on the East Coast Main Line and North TransPennine Express.

Northern Rail operates services between London King’s Cross and Edinburgh Waverley, as well as providing local services in Northern England and North Wales. 

It also has the concession to operate the Caledonian Sleeper overnight train service between London Euston and Scotland.

Northern Rail Official Website


Is a train operating company that operates services from the North East, Midlands, South West, and Wales to Scotland. 

It is also responsible for local services in parts of the Midlands, including Birmingham New Street to Bromsgrove/ Hereford/ Oxford and Worcester Foregate Street to Bewdley/Kidderminster.

CrossCountry trains operate from many stations across the UK including Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street, and Bristol Temple Meads.

Cross Country trains are all about comfort and convenience. 

There are no booking fees for CrossCountry tickets so you can easily book your tickets online or over the phone.

Find all train companies operating in the UK.

CrossCountry Official Website

Find out more about the Main Train Companies operating in the United Kingdom

Where are the main Train Stations in the UK?

Paddington Station

Is one of the busiest stations in the world, as it is a major hub for the Great Western Railway (GWR). 

It was opened in 1838 and has been expanded several times since then. 

There are 19 platforms and more than 70 tracks at this station. is also a major hub for international travel, with connections to destinations around the world. 

The station has an exit onto Praed Street and another onto Eversholt Street, where passengers can catch buses to different parts of London or even Heathrow Airport. 

Today, Paddington Station has six platforms and 13 tracks. 

It serves more than 200 million passengers each year and handles about 1 million tons of freight each year.

Kings Cross Station 

Is a major British railway station that serves London. 

It is one of the busiest stations in the UK and will be the terminus of High Speed 2 services out of St Pancras International. 

It serves over 200 million passengers passing through it each year.

The station has an impressive history and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in London. 

The station has five platforms serving northbound trains, five for southbound trains, and three for eastbound trains (two via Dorking) which will be served by High Speed 2 services. 

The station also has a long-distance coach station located next door called St Pancras International Coach Station.

Which connects passengers with international destinations such as Spain and France through Eurolines.

Euston Station 

Is a major railway station that has connections to both the London Underground and London Overground services. 

If you’re arriving in London by train, Euston Station is a great option for getting around the city. 

The station is on Euston Road, a short distance from King’s Cross station. 

It is one of 19 UK stations managed by Network Rail and it is operated by Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) on behalf of Transport for London (TfL). 

Euston Station serves both local and long-distance services. 

It has 10 platforms, including two through platforms and eight bay platforms. 

The main entrance to the station is through a concourse at Eversholt Street that links to the main concourse at St Pancras International (the Eurostar terminal).

St Pancras Station

Is the home of Eurostar trains to Paris and Brussels.

Is one of the busiest railway stations in London, England. 

It serves as a major international hub for Eurostar and other high-speed rail services, as well as domestic services by First Capital Connect and Thameslink. 

The station is also served by several local National Rail trains operated by Great Northern.

St Pancras International has two main levels: the upper level for international trains, and the lower level for domestic trains. 

The lower level includes the arrivals and departures halls and ticket offices. 

The two levels are linked by escalators, stairs, lifts, and a tunnel.

Victoria Station 

Serves long-distance trains from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport, Brighton, and Portsmouth.

Also some local lines including South West Trains services from London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour via Basingstoke or Southampton Central.

As well as Southern Railway services from Hayes & Harlington through East Croydon towards Brighton & Hove Albion’s Amex Stadium.

Sheffield Train Station 

Is a major railway station and transport hub serving Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. 

The station is operated by Network Rail and is also served by Northern, TransPennine Express, East Midlands Trains, and CrossCountry. 

It is on the Midland Main Line (north of Sheffield) and has a direct connection to London St Pancras International via the East Coast Main Line. 

The station is one of the UK’s largest with 11 platforms. 

It was previously known as Sheffield Midland.

Oxford Train Station 

Is the main train station in Oxford, England. 

It is one of the busiest in Britain and serves as a focal point for rail services in Oxfordshire and South-East England. 

It is also an international terminus for cross-country services from southern England to the West Midlands and South Wales.

York Train Station 

Is one of the major train stations in the United Kingdom. 

It is situated in York, North Yorkshire and it is operated by East Coast. 

The station was opened in 1877 and it has been rebuilt several times since then. 

The station has three platforms, but only two of them are still in use for passenger services. 

The other platform is for freight trains only. Two high-level platforms are used by Great Northern services to Leeds and London Kings Cross/ King’s Lynn. 

The line to Hull passes through the station but does not stop there: passengers must change at Selby or Doncaster (or Beverley if travelling north from Hull).

Nottingham Train Station 

Is a railway station serving the city of Nottingham in the East Midlands of England. 

It is one of 19 managed by East Midlands Trains, which also provides all train services from it. 

The station was built by Midland Railway in 1843, to replace the previous terminus at Nottingham Castle railway station. 

It was designed by Sir John Fowler, who also designed the London St Pancras railway station. 

The main entrance to the station is on Bridge Street and has two towers on either side of the clock tower, with a large arched canopy above. 

There are other entrances at City Square (the frontage was rebuilt after World War II bomb damage) and Carrington Street/Queen Victoria Road (both on platforms 1 & 2). 

Check here for more important train stations around the UK

What are the different types of train tickets that can be used for travelling across the UK?

For someone who wanders around the UK very often, it is important to know about how train tickets work. 

Let’s look into different types of train tickets that can be used for travelling across the UK.

Off Peak Ticket

The cheapest train ticket available in the United Kingdom is called Off-Peak. 

These are available at a discounted rate and only during off-peak timings when there is less rush on trains.

Weekly Train Ticket

This type of ticket will give you many benefits such as a lower price and lower fees if you plan on making weekly trips from one city to another by train within a month. 

It is also good for those who are planning long vacations because it gives them up to 28 days of unlimited travel between two cities or stations within the period specified on their weekly pass.

Refundable Train Ticket

If your plans change suddenly and you cannot use your journey anymore, then you can get back some money through refundable tickets if they have not been issued yet.

Otherwise, they will become nonrefundable after they have been issued (Issued Date). 

When purchasing an advance purchase ticket or booking online with an operator such as National Rail Enquiries then this may not apply so please check before buying!

Open Return Train Ticket

A return ticket is a single rail ticket that allows the passenger to make unlimited journeys between two points on the same route, in either direction. 

A return ticket is also known as a round-trip ticket or return journey ticket. 

It can be purchased for one-way or two-way travel, and it often offers discounts compared to buying separate tickets for each leg of your journey.

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